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The LED strip has gained popularity over the recent years in both commercial buildings and homes. These lights are cheap to use, durable, and come in a plethora of colors and can also offer different lighting patterns. Purchasing the LED strip lights from a factory rather than from a store could help one end up with considerable savings, especially if one is buying in large quantities. Here, readers will be able to get help in purchasing LED strip lights factory-direct with the aim of being offered the best price.


Research LED Strip Light Manufacturers


The first step is to identify and locate potential LED strip light manufacturing factories which you can source from. Good options include:




– Currently, it has more LED strip light manufacturers than any other country in the globe 

– Offers products for both the budget consumer and the one who is willing to spend a little more.

– Pricing is extremely competitive and can potentially obtain much deeper tiered volume purchase price breaks.



– It is well known that mainly offering premium LED strip lights with higher quality and better performance.

– Higher quality control parameters 

– Still, prices are somewhat higher than the factories on the Chinese mainland.



– Create high-performance, long lifespan LED strips 

– Try to pay more attention to the creation of technical points and personalization.

– They are generally more expensive for the same product despite the opportunity to buy directly from the manufacturer.


Once you identify some potentials factories, request for product brochures, price lists, and information on how to place an order. 


Determine Your LED Strip Lighting Needs


Before finalizing an order, clearly determine:Before finalizing an order, clearly determine:


Lighting application and placement

This impacts attribute like color temperature, light intensity, diffusion angle, etc. 


Length and quantity needed

Determine where the lights will be installed and add total required length. Order extra since strip lights are packed in meters/feet.


Power supply needs

LED strip lights must be powered by different power supplies. As we know, wattage and quantity are two very important factors in the choice of luminaires, and they are closely interrelated.


What price model can you apply for your project? Price your product so that you set the right prices which enable you identify inexpensive factories.


Initiate Contact with the Factory


Once you’ve defined requirements and researched options, open communications with one or more factories to obtain pricing and other info needed to place an order, such as:Once you’ve defined requirements and researched options, open communications with one or more factories to obtain pricing and other info needed to place an order, such as:


MOQ (minimum order quantity)

It also has to be noted that factories may offer better discount in case the required amount of fabric is above a specific meter/foot value. 


Lead times

Consider lead time on manufacturing and delivery, including delivery from factories overseas. These can be as long as a few weeks or even months sometimes.


Customization capabilities  

Some factories provide options for LED density, lighting control effects, aluminium channel frame, connectors, etc. at extra cost. 


Payment terms

There is usually 30%+ deposit needed in most factories at the onset of production, the balance before shipping. Some of them allow payments through PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfers, Credit/Debit card etc.


Shipping costs

Ensure that there are actual DDP (delivered duty paid) shipping quotes to avoid being shocked by a bill. Sea shipping is cheapest.  



Depending on the size of the strips, usually for strip lights, it may be 1-3 years. Check that repair/replacement is provided under their terms of a defect warranty for the factory.   


Place the Bulk Order & Manage Progress 


When ready, submit an official PO (purchase order) which will initiate the production process at the factory of your choice. Be sure to:


Review order sheets carefully  

Make sure to verify every single detail such as product codes, length, number of products, etc. before approving them.


Request pictures and videos  

Ask factory to send videos showing the finished goods before they are shipped to you so that you can evaluate the quality of the products. 


Get tracking info  

Check how the order is progressing so that you can prepare for the arrival of logistics on your end as well.


Checking on the factory soon after to get an update proves that you are a serious buyer and means the order is given the attention you want it to.




Purchasing strip lights from a factory can offer very good discounts, but the buyer needs to invest time in completing the necessary background work to identify a proper factory for cooperation. Deduce on what specific lighting you want to apply, decide on the correct pricing strategy and closely work with the manufacturers. This will ultimately order the strip LED lights wholesale easily and thus realize sizeable savings on quality LED strip light projects.


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