360 Digital Marketing: Everything You Need To Know

Every day companies encounter greater competition. Therefore, they must look for effective marketing tactics that help them position themselves well in their market. An alternative is the 360 ​​digital marketing strategy, which is characterized by adopting an integrated, broad, and global perspective of marketing strategies in the online world.

What exactly is 360 digital marketing?

It refers to a marketing campaign that analyzes and engages customers at every possible touch point. That is, use each of the online tools that exist to get closer to the consumer.

The term 360 degrees refers to the fact that it takes advantage of all available means to propose its tactics.

In short, a 360 digital marketing strategy brings together all the branches of online marketing and mixes them to transmit a unified message that allows you to attract buyers and make them loyal to the brand.

This is a broader strategy that considers the journey that the customer takes from discovering a product or service until purchasing it.


Why do you need 360 digital marketing?

Building such a successful campaign can help effectively convert prospects into customers. Your company could benefit from this strategy in several ways:

Improve business positioning

When your brand is well positioned, it means that you have worked to stay in the minds of your customers.

This type of marketing will give you a broader perspective of how potential customers interact with your business, so you can create personalized strategies by niche segment and ultimately position yourself at the top of their minds.


Enhance your business reach

It is not enough to segment your users by demographic characteristics, gender, language, or geographical characteristics.

To convey your message you must understand who your customers are, what ecosystems they operate in, where they participate most, and where they spend their time.

By knowing your customers’ preferences, you will be able to identify the best channels with which they interact, and through which they prefer to communicate with your brand, to adjust the best message, and even the best time to communicate with your company.


Actions of 360 ​​digital marketing strategy:

To design a campaign of this type, you need to implement different digital actions. These are some of the most important ones to consider.


Did you know that more than 75% of users are more inclined to click on the first five search engine results? If you are not at the top of Google SERPs, your customers will hardly find your business online. Therefore, SEO cannot be missing from your 360 digital marketing strategy.


Email marketing

Email remains a very efficient means of communication. But is email social media? It’s an ideal option for staying in touch with potential customers while offering them personalized content that suits their needs.


PPC ads

In a 360 digital marketing strategy, not all efforts are organic. This plan also includes paid advertising, an action that is considered very effective.

Also, with the help of pay-per-click, your display campaign or search advertising will be visible on websites, search engine results, social platforms, etc.


Social networks marketing

These platforms work as a showcase for your business. What is the #1 way a company can be successful with social media marketing? By sharing content on these you can encourage audience interaction and distribute relevant information to them.

In addition, friendlier sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow you to segment your target audience to reach exactly the one you want.


Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing consists of preparing and maturing prospects through personalized content, to push them toward the end of the funnel and become customers.

In a 360 digital marketing strategy, these and other actions are used to attract customers and keep them interested and loyal to the brand.


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