5 Best Pakistani Bowlers of All Time

Pakistan has generated some of the game’s finest fast bowlers. Bowlers with the capacity to win games for their side have emerged as a consequence of a mix of natural skill and hard training. These Pakistani icons displayed the pinnacle of fast bowling mastery without engaging in unfair methods like cricket fixing. Here are five of the greatest Pakistani bowlers of all time:

Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram stands out as one of the most exceptional fast bowlers in the history of cricket. His illustrious international journey spanned an impressive 18 years, from 1985 to 2003. During this time, he proudly represented Pakistan in 104 Tests and 356 ODI. His statistics, which include 502 one-day international wickets with the avg of 23.52 along with 414 Test wickets with the avg of 23.62 runs per wicket, clearly demonstrate his bowling prowess.

Given that a large portion of his cricketing career was spent on surfaces in a subcontinent that are often more friendly to batters, his outstanding numbers provide as evidence of his extraordinary aptitude as the fast bowler. What made Akram truly special was his ability to swing the ball prodigiously at high speed from an angular run-up. He mastered the art of reverse swing that allowed him to make the old ball deviate late at the death overs when bowling in ODIs. Akram’s inswinging yorkers with the old ball were virtually impossible for batsmen to combat.

Many regard Akram’s most memorable performance as coming in the 1992 Cricket World Cup final when he took 3 important wickets to lead Pakistan to victory over England. His bowling dismantled the English batting order and enabled Pakistan to capture its first ever World Cup trophy in that milestone moment. Wasim Akram delivered when it mattered most on the biggest stage by utilizing his repertoire of swing, seam and pace to leave the best batsmen in the world befuddled.

Waqar Younis

Waqar Younis was the bowling partner of Wasim Akram that formed one of the most lethal pace combinations in cricket history during the 1990s. Younis represented Pakistan in 262 ODI as well as 87 Test matches, playing in both of which he claimed 373 as well as 416 wickets. His phenomenal strike rate of a wicket every 43 balls in ODIs underscores his reputation as an attacking wicket-taking bowler.

Waqar was consistently able to bowl at speeds over 90 mph owing to his muscular physique and strong shoulders. This sheer pace, combined with his ability to make the old ball reverse swing viciously, made him a nightmare for opposing batsmen. Waqar’s trademark weapon was his toe-crushing yorker that was practically unplayable when delivered at high speed.

His best ODI bowling figures of 7/76 came against England in 1993 as he demolished their batting order with a sensational display of fast reverse swing bowling. During the early and mid 1990s, the pairing of Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram was undoubtedly the most feared bowling attack in the world. Their contrasting styles complemented each other perfectly with Waqar relying on extreme pace and Wasim using subtler swing and guile. Between them, they shared over 1000 ODI wickets and were instrumental in many of Pakistan’s victories during this golden era of fast bowling dominance.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan enjoyed a prominent position as one of the top all-round cricket players during the 1980s as well as the early 1990s before being prominently involved in politics as Pakistan’s Prime Minister. He proudly served Pakistan as the fast bowler in a total of 88 Test games as well as 175 One Day Internationals. His amazing statistics include 362 Test wickets and 182 ODI wickets. Khan was an intimidating right-arm quick bowler who could generate dangerous levels of pace and swing.

His athleticism and determination fuelled fiery bowling spells where he would regularly surpass speeds of 90mph. Imran Khan’s greatest bowling performance occurred in the 1982 Test match against India at Mumbai where he took 8 wickets despite nursing a shin injury. This showcased his big heart and unrelenting competitive spirit in the face of physical pain.

His best-ever bowling figures were 9 wickets for 83 runs against Sri Lanka in 1982 – an incredible achievement. Imran Khan’s crowning moment came in the 1992 Cricket World Cup which Pakistan won under his leadership as captain. His inspirational spell of 3/58 in the final fuelled the team’s belief that they could win their maiden World Cup trophy against England.

Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar carved his name as one of the most intimidating fast bowlers in the annals of cricket, thanks to his remarkable knack for propelling the ball at extraordinary speeds surpassing 100 mph. His exceptional velocity on the pitch earned him the moniker “Rawalpindi Express,” a title that underscored his rare and unparalleled speed, even in the company of Pakistan’s illustrious lineage of rapid bowlers. Akhtar played 46 Tests and 163 One Day Internationals, claiming 178 and 247 wickets respectively.

At his peak, he could consistently bowl over 100 mph, with his fastest recorded delivery clocking an astonishing 161.3 km/h or 100.2 mph. This sheer velocity sent shockwaves through batting lineups and earned him a reputation as one of the fastest bowlers ever. However, his career was also marred by fitness issues and controversies that limited his longevity.

Saqlain Mushtaq

Among greatest off-spinners in the history of cricket is Saqlain Mushtaq. In 49 test games and 169 ODIs for Pakistan during his great career, he displayed his amazing talent and claimed 208 wickets in Test matches and 288 in ODIs. Saqlain is credited for mastering the “doosra”, an off-spin delivery bowled with an unusual action that behaves like a leg-break instead.

This weapon allowed Saqlain to deceive top batsmen on a regular basis. His best Test figures were 8/164 against India in 1998. In ODIs, he once took 5/20 against New Zealand. Saqlain’s accurate bowling and variation enabled him to be successful even on batting friendly surfaces. His rivalry with Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh was particularly compelling to watch.


Pakistan has produced an assembly line of world-class fast bowlers who could trouble the best batsmen with their lethal combination of speed, swing, and guile. Wasim Akram stands out with his mastery of reverse swing and ability to out-think batsmen. However, these players have made important contributions to Pakistan’s cricketing history and helped the squad function harmoniously. However, while isolated incidents of cricket match fixing have occurred, these iconic players have overwhelmingly made vital contributions to Pakistan’s cricketing history and team harmony, not cpl match fixing type activities.

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