5 Things Less Experienced Mac Users Should Learn

A brand-new MacBook user may be excited to get their hands on an new laptop in the beginning. However, it’s also crucial to keep in mind that there are some essential things they need to be aware of or anticipate learning.

If you’re not familiar with or have knowledge of macOS then the time required to understand the ins and outs could be a long time, especially in the case where you do not intend to take a proactive approach. This isn’t an issue, but certain people are eager to master the MacBook quickly as they can, as the computer is a tool they use to study or work.

Establishing a solid foundation and acquiring the fundamentals is a great method. The aim for this piece is to introduce you with the most essential aspects to learning to master your Mac.

Keyboard Shortcuts

We’ll start by using keyboard shortcuts. The complete list of all available macOS keyboard shortcuts at Apple’s official Apple website in the section Support.Any issue related to macbook visit macbook reapir dubai expert.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the variety of keyboard shortcuts available. There is no reason to master each and every one of them (at least, not in the beginning). The most important thing is to memorize those shortcuts you consider are the most beneficial for you.

After a few months the memory of your fingers will become strong enough to be able to recall the shortcuts you most frequently use. You can then select a different set of keyboard shortcuts and begin to memorize the ones you’ve already memorized.

The more time you’re spending on your MacBook and the more likely you’ll be to type and help you become more proficient with the keyboard, and also shortcuts.

Computer Accessories

There’s no need to completely rely upon the standard MacBook setup if you’re looking for an experience that is optimal for you. Making the investment in additional computers’ accessories can make a difference particularly for those who are unhappy with the setup they currently are using.

One of the most popular accessories is the computer mouse. The use of a trackpad isn’t suitable for everyone. They prefer to use an electronic mouse – even when that involves carrying an additional computer accessory to take along.

The replacement of the built-in MacBook keyboard or, alternatively, by using a different keyboard is a possibility should you be not happy with the layout or the way the keys feel when you use them.

A cooling pad can be a good alternative. If you have the latest Mac You shouldn’t be concerned about overheating from the beginning on however, cooling pads are something to consider.

Available Applications

The use of the MacBook is lots of fun if you can access many different applications that come with the macOS. Apps that integrate with each other like Spotlight and GarageBand give you the top features that you could like to see from such apps.

But, you don’t have to restrict your choices to only the integrated MacBook applications. Officially, the App Store is a wealth of applications available in various categories.

If you’re seeking apps to help with your work or to keep you entertained both free and paid choices are available to explore. If you’re not sure about a particular app and apps, it is always a good idea to check reviews online to get more of an idea. If an application is rated with such high marks isn’t an indication that it will suggest that it is a reflection of the actual situation.

Computer Maintenance

Maintaining your computer is among the top priorities when you wish you to make sure that your PC is able to last for an extended period of time. It is also important to stay clear of any potential issues with performance, for example, intermittent freezes or crashes. Imagine you are working on a project and not saving it, only to lose the work you’ve made due to your computer’s decision to shut down at once.

From cleaning up the dust on your desk and observing the clutter on your desktop to using an effective antivirus program and a few background processes, it is important be aware of possible issues that could spiral into a mess and result in less efficient Mac performance than you would like.

In MacPaw’s article maintaining a close eye on the storage capacity of the device is a crucial element. Make sure that you remove any files that are no longer needed and move some of the data to external storage, so that there’s enough space on the drive of your computer.

Also, ensure that you ensure that your MacBook is current. If an updated macOS version is released you can download to install and run it.

Data Backups

You’ll need to set up an insurance plan for your computer’s data in the form of a backup. Utilize or Time Machine together with an external storage device, like an external hard drive, or connect to iCloud.

If you choose to go with cloud storage, you’ll need to spend a bit more since it is free. iCloud offers only 5GB of storage. That isn’t much.

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