Best NYC neighborhoods for College Grads

NYC has been a favourite destination for many college grads, and there is nothing to be surprised about this. Aspirants hardly have an iota of doubt regarding the opportunities here in NYC. Instead, all that they keep on enquiring about is finding an appropriate place to live. It matters for the college grads as they have budget constraints. They want to live amidst the hustle-bustle, glam and glitz, yet want it all as per their budget. At the same time, things need to be convenient from their college perspectives as well. Keeping all these things in mind, the following tips are recommended.

Stick around the two fundamental factors

The two prominent factors that a college grad being in NYC should aim at are, first, of course, the budget and then the surrounding lifestyle. Keeping both the contexts in mind, Morningside Heights is indeed one of the finest options. The best part, at the same time fulfilling the two basic needs mentioned above, the place can keep the students stay in tune with the regular vibrant NYC lifestyle.

At around $3k per month, one can get incredibly spacious bedrooms. It is here to note that the price mentioned above is for a single person; the figure can get lesser for those who share. Above all, it’s a matter of just half an hour to reach the prominent neighborhoods like Union Square. 

Finding the best neighborhoods in NYC for young professionals

It’s a trick quite popular among college grads looking for suitable neighborhoods in NYC. There is nothing much different between young professionals and college grads. Moreover, these young professionals love sharing their place with the college kids to keep on the same college life vibe intact. Both want to save budget, live candid life, and have fun. In fact, the likes of Morningside Heights are considered among the best NYC neighborhoods for singles, connecting the professionally prominent destinations well. 

Find a guarantor

This is one of the proven ways for the college grads to find a suitable neighborhood as per their convenience. It is a bit tough to find a guarantor, but finding one can easily solve all problems. After all, they provide crucial help to the college grads (and also young professionals) at high rent locations. In this context, options like the Financial District can be an incredible recommendation. Midtown is another such high profile and highly desired option for college grads. Finding a guarantor can solve all problems at these locations.

Best places to live in NYC, for college grads looking for roommates

As discussed above, options like Midtown provide all-inclusive support for the students across the globe. However, those who want a comparatively cheaper option or want roommates to share should aim for Brooklyn. The place is quite popular among students from across the globe.

It provides a perfect hostel-like vibe for them. Clinton Hill also holds a great reputation among those looking for the affordable neighborhood. No matter you want one or many roommates, Clinton Hill can provide perfect help on all aspects. In fact, those looking for cheap single rooms can also find Clinton Hill an incredible option. Similar is the case about Bushwick as well.         

Most of the young professionals and college grads want neighborhood around places close to the Financial District. Downtown Brooklyn can be a fantastic recommendation in this context. It’s not too expensive as often prejudiced to be. One can easily get a two-bedroom place at around $3k per month, or even lesser. Moreover, these rooms can be shared with as many people, to make the budget lower. Those looking for something more inexpensive must keep Astoria in the list. It provides incredible convenience in a budget-friendly way. 

Those looking for community-driven neighborhood 

A lot of people recommend Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, and they are absolutely right. The biggest reason is indeed the price. In fact, rooms can be expected under $1000 per month here, with facilities of sharing. It may not be the most regal of its kind in terms of comfort and convenience, but perfect from the college grads point of views.

Most importantly, it serves the most vital aspect to the students, i.e. the thoroughly community-driven neighborhood. Be it about the bars, pubs, and even the coffee shops, everything can be found at walkable distance. College grads and young professionals willing to live life to the fullest should not miss these opportunities.   

The newly developed projects

It’s a perception among many that new developments are always the best options for the college grads. The idea can’t be totally rubbished. But, it is also important to keep in mind that these developments are not tested or reviewed. Undoubtedly, they try to attract the students and young professionals keeping the price at the lower side. No need to believe or disbelieve their commitments; it would be rather a wise idea to pay a visit and check things by own.

A great number of such commercial projects are being developed along with Lafayette. One can find many of those at Lexington areas as well. As these developers mostly make the price aspect apparent, the other key aspects to check are safety, communication, and facilities. In general, these projects offer double rooms at around $950 per month on share.      

Don’t ignore the nightlife

Nightlife has been one of the crucial factors among the college grads. Instead of freaking with moralities and all, they should take this aspect seriously while finding a suitable neighborhood, to ensure the mind remains devoid of regrets. In this context, Ridgewood would be a fantastic recommendation.

It is affordable, provides excellent communication, and as mentioned, the nightlife is exactly the way college grads want. Advantage of finding a place here over the newly developed projects is that the place is quite tested, and accomplishing from safety perspectives. 


NYC has been a dreamland for the college grads, young professionals, or simply the bachelors from across the globe. It’s been a safe and promising destination for the young dreamers. All that it demands is to be wise enough to enquire about the neighborhoods much prior to avoid any inconvenience.     

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