Can you download a video from Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking site that was born in 2006. But why is Twitter so popular? Twitter delivers millions of impressive, high-quality tweets via text, images, and videos for both entertainment and educational purposes. But the reality is that we can’t download a Twitter video directly from its platform. So, have we any methods to download Twitter videos?

According to my experience, you can use these methods to download videos from Twitter trouble-free. 

  1. Changing the URL method
  2. Chrome Extension method
  3. Use online downloaders 
  4. Try the Inspect Element feature option

If you find a better method to download your favorite Twitter video for later viewing or share with your friends, don’t go anywhere. I’m a die-hard Twitter fan and I’m also searching the methods for downloading Twitter videos. So, here are the most famous methods, and for more info, read this article at the end! 

Top methods to download videos from Twitter 

Do you want to save your favorite Twitter video directly from its platform on your device so that you can watch it more than once?

If your answer is “Yes”, just check out these 4 easy ways to download Twitter videos to your PC or smartphone.

  1. Changing the URL method

As the name implies, in this method, you only have to change the URL. No need to install any app or software, just have to change the URL. This is a very simple method and is eligible for both beginners and experts. So, I really like this method because I’m not a tech-savvy person. 

To use this method, just open Twitter and select your favorite Twitter video. Next, copy the video URL and paste the link into a new tab. Now, replace the www URL with the “m” or “mobile”.  You can try both methods. 


  • A very useful but simple method
  • No need for any special technical skills
  • Compatible with any device platform
  • No need for any app or installation


  • Can’t download high-quality videos
  • Slow method
  1. Chrome Extension method

The Chrome Extension method is only available for PC users. If you are a PC user that expects to download your favorite Twitter videos easily, try this method I used. This is a pretty straightforward method and no need to use any app or software. Just, press the “Download” button provided by the extension under the video to save it to your PC. 


  • This is the easiest method to download Twitter videos to your PC
  • Don’t need to install any app or software
  • You can watch videos offline


  • Only available for PC devices
  • Need a powerful internet connection. Otherwise, the download will fail
  1. Use online downloaders 


No doubt, TWDown is one of the fastest Twitter video downloaders rather than other alternative tools. And it has an amazing potent server that allows you to download any type of Twitter video within a few minutes and a few simple clicks. So, this tool makes your video downloading process much easier. Downloading Twitter videos is straightforward and easy when you are using Twdown. 


  • You can convert videos into MP3 and MP4 formats
  • The fastest tool rather than other alternative tools
  • You can easily manage this tool


  • Sometimes the links expire


SSSTwitter is a famous tool for hassle-free video downloading. And the most useful thing is that if you are a newbie to this field, then you can download its extension, which simply downloads the video while watching. 


  • Easy to navigate this tool by using its extensions
  • You can select quality before downloading it
  • Completely free tool forever 


  • Does not available for all device models
  • Need a powerful internet connection

Twitter Downloader 

This is an expert tool for downloading Twitter videos from Twitter. All die-hard Twitter fans, Twitter Downloader will give the best video downloading experience! 


  • Completely free tool forever
  • Single-click download method
  • No need to install any special software or app
  • No need to sign up or log in
  • It provides offline viewing options
  • No need for any special technical skills
  • Work with any web browser such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Dolphin, etc
  • No limitations to downloading videos
  • Comes with a very user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • If you are an audio lover, you can convert videos into MP3 OR MP4 formats 
  • The fastest tool rather than other tools
  • 100% safe and free from viruses and malware
  • It does not destroy the original resolution and quality
  • No annoying ads 


  • No cons to show


Famous and powerful tool. Because of its, Twitter to mp4 converter tool that is easily accessible to convert your favorite Twitter videos. It is another easy-to-navigate tool that lets you download any Twitter videos, mp3s, or GIFs you like.


  • Compatible with any device
  • No need to install any app. 
  • Copy and paste downloading method


  • You have to manage it on your browser 
  1. Try the Inspect Element feature option

Inspect Element feature is not a familiar method for you. This will be a bit complex method but if you are a tech specialist, you may know about this method. The Inspect Element  Feature is only available for PC devices. 

Firstly, select the Twitter video that you want to download. Now, right-click the blank field and select “Inspect.” Now, scroll down the page to find this notification “video.” Now you can see this notification code, right-click on it and select “Open in a new tab.” Then, the video will play in a new tab. Press the three dots and click the “Save” icon.


  • For PC users, this is an easy method
  • No need to use any app
  • Free method
  • No need to worry about the device’s storage


  • We can’t use this method for smartphones and tablets
  • The complex process for newbies


In conclusion, Twitter is a major social media platform and now it is the most active social media platform. And we can watch more important videos through this amazing platform because it has a massive collection of videos. Unfortunately, Twitter does not allow its users to download Twitter videos directly from its platform. Now, you have some better methods to download Twitter videos. So, find out the best method for you! 

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