Confused Over Narrative Essays?Have a Look at Quick Guide to Write It Better!

When you are asked to write a narrative essay, does it bother you? Or do you get confused about what you have to do in it? But before all these things, do you wonder what the word means? It might look like a nightmare to you to try something new. But don’t worry; you have come to the right place. There are multiple experts providing essay writer service to assist you in this topic. Talking about this article you will get all the basic information you need to write a narrative essay. It can help you calm down and focus on a better write-up. So let us know what this term means.

What Is a Narrative Essay?

OK, so the narrative essay is a piece of writing in which you tell your point of view on a particular topic. It is the type of story you are telling in your words based on personal experience while also providing vital and sensory details so that readers can concentrate more on understanding the point. But why do you name it “narrative”? It is because when you explain a topic in your way, covering all the events, it is known as a narrative. It turns the story into information for the reader. So it is a type of paper where you present the facts and all the components in your own words and in a predetermined order. So, what are you thinking now? Are you still confused? Relax, everything will be fine, and you will understand everything as we progress.

What Are Narrative Essays Used for? 

The purpose of narrative essays is to tell stories to the reader. It is the main motive of this essay. When you write a narrative essay, you explain to the reader why you chose to share this story with them. And how can this help them in the future? You do not criticize anything in this essay. You simply give the information and allow the reader to conclude it. Just the information required; no argumentative claims or other materials are needed. It is the difference between any other academic paper and a narrative essay.

What Are the Characteristics of Narrative Essays?

You have the narrative essay and know how to write it based on the information provided above. The key point here is to distinguish between essays and short stories. A narrative essay is still academic writing, so do not make it short. It also follows the structure and focuses on that and the words that must be in it. It may be a much better option for you to pursue, as it will fulfil the guidelines and aid in the completion of the work. And also, if you write a fictional story by making it up in your head, it is no longer called a narrative essay. So we can say the narrative essay’s characteristics can be:

  • It is an informal letter written in the first person
  • This paper’s purpose is to give information; it is not for teaching or arguing 
  • Describe every thing in the details, whether it is a person, an event, or anything else 
  • Tell about the experience
  • Follow the structure of the essay provided by the university 

What Is the Structure of a Narrative Essay?

As you work on an academic paper, it will, like all others, adhere to rules and structures. The university will provide you with all the guides, and you can follow them. But as narrative essays are a type of informal writing and do not have a large number of rules, their elements will be peculiar to the narratives. So move forward to see the structure:

Elements – 

A narrative essay should have five elements to make it presentable: plot, character, setting, theme, and conflict. All the terminology seems difficult to you, but no, but do not worry it is simple as you go through them. 

  • Plot- It is a story about the event that is happening in the write-up you are writing. For example, if you are writing, how do you start writing? What is the relationship between the events of the story and much more?
  • Characters- Characters are the person involved in the story. Characterization is a process which means the writer creates a character in a write-up. The central part of the character has often termed a hero and the opposing one is the villain. So in this, it refers to the character if they grow or not throughout the story.
  • Setting- It refers to the time and place where the events in the story took place. It can be either the backdrop of the story or the time when it took place. For example: What impact does the story’s setting, period, and date have on the theme?  
  • Conflict- It is problem and the issue the character tackled. The narrative is potrayed around how the conflict is faced. It can be of four types- person vs nature, person vs person, person vs self, and person vs society. So basically describes which part character survived the situation. 
  • Theme- It is the main idea of the writer of the story that you want to convey to a reader. All the literary concepts are to create a theme. For example: know what the writer is trying to tell about the subject. What tools does the writer use to generate this theme?
  • Format- The format of the narrative essay should contain five components: rising action, climax, exposition, falling action, and resolution. Here is a short description of all five:
  • Exposure- It is the part of the story that introduces everything about the main character.
  • Rising action- This is the area where the reader understands why you come across this path. What is the story about?
  • Climax- The main focus of the story; what are the tensions in it? What is the choice available to you, and what do you ultimately choose?
  • Falling action- What is the result of the choice you made? Is it awful or good? If it is the same, you have still had an experience.
  • Resolution- This part of the story you have to explain the conclusion of all the parts that you mentioned in the write-up.


The main structure of the document should contain an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should be brief and explain what you intend to do in the body paragraphs. The body should contain at least three paras describing all the information. In the end, add a conclusion with the moral of the story. What you have written and how it will end for the readers.


The narrative essays are not as hard as they seem to be. Many elements are in this. But do not worry; they are simple to understand. So, now that you learned a lot from the experts at the essay Writing service, start writing your academic work. What are you waiting for? Start writing and get the best score in the overall performance. 

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