Cultural Encounters And Scenic Landscapes: Trekking In Kasol


Settled amid the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Kasol has gained popularity among the tourists across the globe. This outlandish village has emerged as a heaven like picturesque in the mind of the people, especially the tourist trekkers when they trek through the terrain of Kasol. While the trekking trail through the bumpy terrain offers a unique beauty what stands out amid this is the soulful trekking experience from Kasol to Kheerganga. Well, among several other enthralling experiences, there lies few which the tourists will forever ink it in their diaries. Let’s find out some blissful experience that awaits while trekking in Kasol.

Trekking in Kasol: Immersed in Cultural Diversity

Out of all the trek across the Northern State, one would experience heaven, Trekking in Kasol. It stretches along the Parvati River emerged from the Himalaya to the dense forest of Oak, Deodar and Carpinus. It is a beautiful village flourished with dense culture and joyful people. Your venture is going to encounter with the lovely communities and their practices.

The life in the mountain terrain is filled with serenity. While you travel across the villages, you will unfold insight about their traditions and customs and the way they live their life. On your way, you will see smiling people often offering local food to travellers. This encounters forms interaction between the tourists and the community people which creates an essence of mutual understanding.

Trekking from Kasol to Kheerganga

Those who search for treks blend of adventure, picturesque and culture, must consider trekking from Kasol to Kheerganga. It is a spectacle journey that commences in Kasol situated in the bank of Parvati River. Every year tourists gathers around this trek and celebrate diversity and unity with the localities. As you begin, you will discover companions from around the world, sharing experience together.

This trail is around 12 km long which serves views of dense pine forest, rushing stream and zigzag pathways. With every inch of your step, you will witness a 360-degree view of beautiful landscapes and gorgeous nature.

Marvellous Landscapes: Trekking in Kasol

The best talk of this journey is the scenic landscapes it provides. The backdrop with huge mountains is jaw dropping experience for the tourists. The journey finally ends in Kheerganga, where people can relax and enjoy the sublime experience of natural hot springs at the top of the mountain. It surpasses your expectations only of adventure and present you it’s best gift of nature while you dip your body in a hot spring. It acts like a therapy which possesses healing properties, brings altogether your soul and body a sublime serenity.

Leave yourself into the lap of nature and enjoy seeing the marvellous landscapes around you. Take your time, rejuvenate and before you leave the place do not forget to capture the scenic beauty of Kasol.

Kasol to Kheerganga: Mesmerising Wildlife

While trekking in Kasol, you will unveil enchanting wildlife experiences. The forest full of oak, pine, and deodar trees, are home to Himalayan species like Himalayan musk deer, red fox, golden eagle, and snow leopard. The different species of whistling birds flying around the rustling leaves will leave you in awe. You may also find some rare glimpse of other species of wildlife like black/brown bear and goats.

Village of Taboos: Malana

It is believed that the people of this village are the descendants of Alexandar the Great. It is widely popular as ‘Village of Taboos’ and is also known for one of the taboos like untouchability. It is amazing to explore such history in live where you will come across insights of cultivating rituals of thousand years old. The travellers should be careful while exploring this part of the region to avoid any potential threat or disturbances to the regional people.


Trekking in Kasol, is an experience, one may adore for lifetime. Whether it be the warm hospitality of the community people, experiencing the immersed cultures and customs or whether the exotic wildlife terrain, it will make you feel alive and fantastic. Amidst this, the soulful experience of trekking from Kasol to Kheerganga, keeps for you the best kept secret in the form of hot springs. Plan for yourself a trek to this region and let your blasphemy disappear in the alluring nature of the terrain.

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