Direct Techniques to Enhance TP-Link Extender Network Speed

Are you not getting the desired internet speed from your TP-Link wireless range extender? No? Well then, it means that you did not keep the necessary parameters in mind while setting up the networking via the tplinkrepeater web address. But, let bygones be bygones. To enhance the speed of your home network, you need to follow some techniques. They have been outlined and explained in detail in this article. You will find out that what we are saying is indeed true once you will read further.

How to Improve TP-Link Extender Network Speed?

  1. Place the Repeater Somewhere Else

The topmost thing that you can do to enhance the speed of your TP-Link wireless range extender is to place it in a place that is not sharing space with transmitting appliances, electronic devices, metal objects, and reflexive surfaces.

Some examples of transmitting appliances include microwave ovens, washing machines, refrigerators, treadmills, and televisions, electronic devices include baby monitors, and Bluetooth speakers, and metal objects include aluminum studs.

  1. Connect the Devices Using a Cable

Another thing that can be done from your end to enhance the speed of your TP-Link wireless range extender is to drop the idea of connecting the networking devices, i.e. the range extender and the host router with the aid of a wireless source of connection.

Instead, you should opt for a wire to do the same thing. To be specific, use an Ethernet cable to join the repeater and the host router. Ensure that the cable is connected tightly to the ports of the devices. Otherwise, using a cable will be in vain. Do you want that?

  1. Bring the Networking Devices Closer

Are you still not able to take advantage of your TP-Link wireless extender because of its slow speed? Well, in that case, you need to bring the networking devices close to each other. This will ensure that signal transmission can take place seamlessly.

To put this technique into action, you need to unplug the range extender from the wall socket that it is currently plugged into and then plug it into the one that is located in the same room where the host router is kept. Trust us, this will take you far.

  1. Update the Range Extender Firmware

Can you recall the last time you updated the firmware of your networking device to its latest version? No? Well then, this is a sign that you do what is needed without wasting any more time. Otherwise, you will get stuck with technical issues very soon in the future.

In order to update the firmware of your Wireless-N WiFi repeater to its most recent version, you ought to refer to the instructions given in the user manual. There you will find out how to reset TP-Link extender in case you even need to fix repeater-related issues.

  1. Limit the Number of Client Devices

Taking into account that you are reading this section can mean one thing, i.e. you are still not satisfied with the speed of the network of the TP-Link wireless range extender. So, what to do in this scenario? Well, it is quite simple.

You just need to limit the number of devices that are connected to the network of your repeater. Once done, check if you are able to receive a blazing-fast as well as seamless internet connection on all your client devices.

Sum Up

This ends the article discussing the several techniques through which one can easily enhance the speed of the network of the TP-Link wireless range extender. In case are aware of any other technique through which the same can be done, it is recommended that you share it with your fellow readers. To make this effort, you ought to make use of the comment section located below. For your information, the location of the comment section varies from website to website. So, check the one on the website that you are on.

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