Egg Freezing: Everything That You Need To Know About It

Currently, we find that there are millions of couples out there who are unable to conceive because of many reasons. It might be that infertility has occurred to them or they might consciously undertake decisions to delay being parents due to many reasons. The condition of egg follicles available for women in these cases can be evaluated with the help of an AMH test. Your physician can even explain the entire AMH test in Hindi for you. 

Nowadays many people are preferring to keep their eggs frozen for a long period of time. They are doing so because the overall egg freezing cost in India is now very much affordable for the masses. There are many things to know about egg freezing. The trend is catching up among women from all walks of life irrespective of age, caste, and other socio-economic factors. Experts agree on the fact that these women will rise a lot in the coming years.

Many kinds of people are out there in terms of choices when it comes to opting for infertility treatments. But one has to opt for the best infertility treatment in Delhi to get the best results. See, having a child is one of the most pristine joys on the planet. If you want access to that joy but want to control your timeline as well then you will have to opt for an egg freezing process. Therefore, if you are wondering about the different aspects of this process then this article is right for you. Keep on perusing to know more in this case.

What happens in egg freezing?

In simple terms, you have to first understand that women have eggs as their basic reproductive unit. The male reproductive unit sperm fertilizes the egg and a baby begins to take shape. But often women might not want to get pregnant at a certain age. But the biological clock will not wait for anyone. Therefore a kind of conflict is seen to emerge here. In such situations, it is best to opt for egg freezing. You can then have complete autonomy as to when you will get the fertility process done with due diligence. 

Why are people opting for egg freezing?

It is very natural to wonder why people are opting for egg freezing these days. Considering the large number of women opting for this process it becomes imperative to know the inherent causes. So let us then find out. 

You see, most women these days are career-oriented. They want what is best for their career as that is their first priority above anything. So naturally in the process biological clock gets delayed. This leads to a huge problem and this is why women are considering egg freezing. Moreover, there are often some medical problems that delay the natural fertility time of women. In such situations, egg freezing can help as well. It might also be a simple conscious decision among the couple to take a child later which might be in terms of personal choice, financial choice, and much more.

Thus for all these reasons, women are now getting egg freezing in high numbers. The trend is bound to continue upward for a long while.

Methods involved in egg freezing

A thoroughly scientific method is used in the entire process of egg freezing. Doctors will first retrieve your eggs carefully with precision and diligence. Once it is done under carefully monitored environments, it will be straight taken to be frozen in labs through cryopreservation.

Some parameters that determine the cost of egg freezing

If you are considering egg freezing then surely you will wonder about the cost. Now see, there are various factors on which it depends. Let us then find out about those:

  • The first factor on which egg freezing cost depends is the number of total years you want these eggs to be frozen at large. The higher will be the number of years greater shall be the cost.
  • There are certain fertility medications prescribed during this time and so you will have to factor this into the total amount.
  • Also, there is total anesthesia cost involved which needs to be factored in as well.
  • The storage fee in the case of egg freezing completely depends on the clinic concerned and hence you will have to choose a reliable clinic,

Choosing the right clinic for egg freezing

It is very important to choose the right clinic to get egg freezing in India. For this, you will have to research properly. There are many resources available on the internet that you can easily avail if you want to. Check out the reviews and recommendations of the clinics for egg freezing you are looking for. Be conscious about checking their quality and budget.


To sum up, egg freezing is a very intriguing concept that is gaining importance in India. We explored everything that you will need to know about it here.


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