Cleaning checklist that services like End of Tenancy Cleaning London covers

End of tenancy cleaning London

The cleaning checklist that services like End of Tenancy Cleaning London cover provides thorough guidance on how to achieve the level of professionalism this cleaning demands. It is a comprehensive guideline that makes sure every nook and cranny of your property is thoroughly cleaned. 

As this cleaning is an important protocol to be followed in between tenants, you need to have the professionals to do the job. However, you need to see the cleaning checklist these service providers are following. Only then you can expect to have the level of cleaning your landlord demands. A general cleaning checklist that is followed by services like End of Tenancy Cleaning South London includes;

1) Kitchen

  • Clean the interior and outside of the cabinets and drawers, wiping away any oil or food stains.
  • Clean and sanitize all of the surfaces, including the backsplash.
  • Clean and degrease the hob, range hood, and oven. Clean the interior and outside of the refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave.
  • Limescale and stains should be removed, and the sink and faucets should be cleaned, disinfected, and polished.
  • Tiles and grout lines should be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt and grime.
  • Cleaning the floor completely and mopping it, making sure to get beneath appliances as well.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the extractor fan is necessary.

2) Bathroom

  • The toilet bowl, tank, seat, and surrounding regions should all be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Clean the glass doors, grout, and tiles, remove soap scum and mold, and disinfect the shower and bathtub.
  • Cleaning, sanitizing, and polishing the sink and faucets.
  • Clean and polish all of the mirrors in the living and sleeping areas.

3) Living area and bedrooms

  • Dust all surfaces, clean light fixtures, and remove cobwebs from walls and ceilings.
  • Clean the inside and outside of the windows, as well as the frames and sills. Replace any displays that are broken.
  • Clean the knobs, frames, and doors.
  • Dust and clean all baseboards and skirting boards.
  • All furniture should be dusted and polished.

4) General cleaning

  • Clean and check that all the light fixtures and switches are in good working order.
  • Air conditioning, radiators, and vents should all be dusted and cleaned.
  • Sweep and clean the patio or balcony, taking care to get rid of any dirt.
  • Organize and sweep the garage, if it is included in your lease.

5) Final assessment

After following all the details and being thorough with the cleaning, experts from professional services like End of Tenancy Cleaning North London do the final inspection. In which they see whether or not anything is left behind. This gives a hint of how detail-oriented these professionals are.

Difference between DIY and professional End of tenancy cleaning Canary Wharf 

You can argue that you can follow this checklist and achieve the same level of professionalism. however, it is not that simple. Regardless of how thorough you are with your service, you can’t achieve the level of professionalism that professionals can. Thus, consider your options before making a rash decision.

Avoidance of disputes

One of the major reasons behind disputes between tenants and landlords is the condition of the property. This condition means the level of cleanliness, so having services like End of Tenancy Cleaning Harrow as per your location, can simply prevent any such disputes. It will also guarantee you your deposit back in full.

Best End Of Tenancy Cleaning In London

End of Tenancy Cleaning in London” is more of a need than a luxury. Landlords or property managers often demand a meticulous state of property upon vacating it at the end of the lease. In that case, services like these are of great help.


Having professional service for the tenancy cleaning can be your perfect choice. There are certain things that make professional cleaning extremely important. And above everything else, they follow a proper protocol to offer you the exact services that you want. 

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