How to Change Rockspace Extender SSID and Password?

After setting up the Rockspace extender, you can at any time, change its SSID and the WiFi password. The default values can be found online and also in the Rockspace WiFi extender manual and thus there are more chances of WiFi theft. To avoid this, you should consider changing the WiFi name as well as the password. But if you wonder how to change these values and have no idea how to carry out the process, then this post can be of assistance. Simply keep on reading ahead and learn the process that is explained in easy language.

What are Rockspace SSID and Password?

The SSID also known as the WiFi or network name is the name that is given to the WiFi network of your Rockspace WiFi extender. When you are trying to connect to WiFi on any device, then you see a list of available networks. These names are the SSIDs of different WiFi devices, like routers or extenders etc. After you choose the desired network, you are prompted to input a password, which is the WiFi password of that network.

When the Rockspace extender is bought, it has a default WiFi name and password. The default SSID is Rockspace_ext and the password is generally password.

You should change it to some unique values to have a secure network.

How to Change Rockspace Extender SSID & Password?

To change the WiFi name and password of the extender, you must be logged in to its admin panel on a computer connected to its network. So, let’s begin by following the steps given next:

See that the Extender is Booted Up

The extender should be fully booted up so that its WiFi can be accessed on the PC. Thus, consider plugging it into an active wall electrical socket. But before you do this, you should check that the connection between the extender and the main gateway is well intact.

Next, turn the power button on. The extender will switch on and the lights on it will turn stable. Wait till then.

Log in to the Extender

Now, get your computer or laptop connected to the extender’s WiFi. If the WiFi connection is not working then make a LAN connection between the devices. Once done, run an internet browser. It should be supported and updated.

Now, visit the Rockspace extender login page using the IP address or the login URL re.rockspace.local. By inserting the login details, log in to your Rockspace extender.

Change WiFi Name and Password

After logging in, you will have the admin dashboard displayed on the screen. Go to WiFi settings now. Here you will find the option of changing the WiFi name and password. Make the required changes and once done, save the settings.

You will now be disconnected from the current network. Now, using the new SSID and password, again connect to your Rockspace wireless extender’s WiFi.

We suggest you check for any firmware updates now. Firmware updates are vital. You should keep the firmware updated to avoid issues like the Rock Space WiFi extender not working, intermittent WiFi signals, etc. If an update is ready, get your extender upgraded immediately. Apart from avoiding the issues, you also remove bugs, enhance the security of your network and add the latest features to the device by simply updating its firmware. Refer to the user guide to learn the process of firmware update.

Wrapping Things Up

It is recommended to change the WiFi password once in three months to secure your network. You can use the same process the next time you want to update the WiFi details. Now you have a more secure home network. You can now connect all the client devices to your Rockspace extender’s network using its new SSID and WiFi password and enjoy a seamless and lag-free internet connection.

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