6 Factors to Check When Choosing a School in Jaipur for Your Child

In today’s world, everyone knows the value of education. That’s why every parent wants their child gets admission to the best school. But many don’t know the factors to consider while selecting the school in Jaipur for their children. So in this article, we have explained the factors to consider when choosing a school for your child. This article is helpful for you in many ways. After reading this article, you can choose a school for your child according to their personality. 

Why Selecting the Right School Matters?

Choosing the best school in Jaipur matters for the child because of its effects on the daily life of children. Schools play a significant role in children’s life in the long term process. Choosing the right school for your child can help in personal growth and strong learning in your child’s life. The parents are selecting a school, and they can also check that the school matches their children’s personalities which should help your child grow. school in Jaipur helps to make a path in career and add value to the child.

List of Top 6 Factors to Consider when Choosing a School in Jaipur for Your Child


  • The Distance Between the House and the School

The distance between the school and the house matters because long travels waste students’ time and make them feel stressed. Also, reduces the time for more activities for the children. It is more expensive for the parents, and they are regularly worried about their children during travel time. Students have more time for rest and other activities if the distance between school and home is shorter. Kids can focus on their homework and their hobbies also. This also ensures the safety of your child. 

  • The Qualification and Experience of the Faculty

Teachers play a significant role in the student’s life. So, check the experience and qualifications of teachers. If the teacher has more experience, that means your child gets a quality and better education. Also, go through the Attrition rates of the faculty in the school. Attritions rates mean how often teachers leave the school. Four year period is good if a teacher stays in the school in Jaipur. This shows the happiness of teachers, and if the teachers are happy means, they do their job perfectly. Experienced and happy teachers are good for your child’s school experience. 

  • Scope for Development of Extracurricular Interests

Today’s Parents want their children to play sports and participate in extracurricular activities and also want schools that give opportunities to play different sports and other activities. These types of activities also help the children to grow mentally and physically to the children. If the children are interested in one might go for a professional career in it. Many Best schools in Jaipur have mainly focused on sports this is a big advantage for the students. 

  • The Ratio Between the Student and Teacher in the Classroom 

Every parent wants that their children get full attention in the classroom from the teacher. For this, the ratio of students to the teacher must be low. 1:20 is a good ratio between the teacher and students. Due to this, students can get more attention, and more attention will be beneficial for the students. If there are many students in the class child might be shy and don’t ask the queries from the teacher. That is why the ratio between teachers and students should be low. 

  • Before Choosing a School in Jaipur Check the School Board 

There is a choice between the state board and central board for parents for their children. The state board follows the instruction of the government. An international board is beneficial for parents who are moving frequently due to transfers and other reasons. Selecting a board matters and is helpful in competitive exams.  

  • Fees, Affordability, and Other Economic Considerations

Parents must consider the all-time fee structure before choosing a school in Jaipur for their child around 10 to 12 years. The school doesn’t have expenses only in school fees, but other expenses are also there. Parents must be aware of these additional expenses. It’s good for parents to choose a school according to their financial condition. Otherwise, they have to change schools due to high charges. 

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Choosing a school might be the most difficult part for parents to choose for their children because every parent wants that their child gets the best start in the beginning. Whether it starts from pre-school or public school. In this article, we have considered the top 6 factors when choosing a school for your child. For more details, you can check the Vidya Setu website

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