Smart Packaging: Types And Benefits

If you look back into the 90’s or the first decade of the 20’s, you will notice one thing. The world is changing and developing rapidly. Today from gadgets to vehicles to electronics to buildings, each and every element which we use or which have become a part of our life, scientific or nonscientific, are hi-tech and smart. It is easy to pay money via phones online. It is even easy to withdraw money just by a single tap or click, it is easy to shop anything and everything by sitting at home, it is easy to book tickets for vacation and so on. All these are possible because of the smart gadgets we use. When everything is being upgraded and becoming smart, why should packaging materials remain far behind? After all, when we are relying on the internet even for online shopping, eCommerce businesses are going rapidly. So, to make delivery speedy and safe, smart packaging is becoming a huge rescue.

In this article we shall be learning some important facts about smart packaging. Many eCommerce packaging suppliers, such as Packaging now, known for providing different types of packaging supplies, such as, cardboard boxes, packing tapes and so on are switching to smart and eco friendly packaging. The main objective why the eCommerce businesses are switching to smart packaging is to improve product safety, user experience and supply chain efficiency.

Let us now have a look at some of the important aspects of smart packaging.

What exactly is smart packaging?

Smart packaging is a packaging system which is interactive. In other words, smart packaging interacts with the consumers or the environment and helps in detecting changes which occur in temperature, moisture levels and similar environmental conditions which may affect the quality of the product. It is a completely new concept and it comes with the fusion of traditional packaging with innovative technologies and thus, provides the customers with some added benefits and values apart from containing only the product inside it. It comes with many modern and smart technological features, such as, tracking and monitoring the products inside the package, providing information about the freshness of the product, the temperature during the time of shipping and transit and the location of the product. It is done by integrating data storage devices, sensors and microprocessors. Not only that, the smart packaging also comes with other important interactive devices. For instance, the smart packaging contains QR codes and augmented reality through which the consumers can gain additional information regarding the products or the brands. Smart packaging also helps the companies and brands to provide a more efficient, transparent and personalised shopping experience to their consumers. Hence, whether you are using a cardboard box, or a large roll of bubble wrap, remember that you can make these packaging products smart and interactive for the convenience of your business and customers.

Different types of smart packaging

There are different types of smart packaging in the market which you need to be aware of whether you are a consumer or a business person planning to start an eCommerce business:
Connected packaging: This type of smart packaging is interactive through digital technologies. Connected packaging features QR codes, NFC tags, augmented reality experiences and so on. Brands can use connected packaging for providing important information about the products they are selling to the consumers, immersive experiences and for collecting the feedback of the customers.
Active packaging: Active packaging is a type of smart packaging which interacts with the environment and the product itself. Active packaging features oxygen scavengers, flavour releasing agents and moisture absorbers to improve the shelf life and reduce the spoilage factors of the perishable products. This smart packaging also helps the brand in improving the quality of the product, enhancing the shelf life of the product and extending the sensory experience. Food items , vegetables and fruits are packed in these smart packaging.

RFID enabled smart packaging: It is called radio frequency identification enabled packaging. With the help of RFID technology the customer can track and trace their products via supply chain and it also enables inventory management and real time visibility factors.

Benefits of Smart Packaging

Smart packaging helps us in tracing and tracking the products during the time of shipping and transit. It also makes the shipping and transit of the products highly efficient. Smart packaging is easy and cost effective and because of this a business owner can customise the packaging in different ways. Most importantly smart packaging is eco-friendly and reduces packaging waste.

Summing up
With technology becoming a part and parcel of our life, it is impossible to ignore it completely. Of course it comes with its own pros and cons, but the world is becoming smart everyday, it is high time that we upgrade ourselves and the products that we use. Packaging is no exception. Hence next time when you search for “cardboard box near me”, make sure that it is smart and hi-tech.

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