10 Locations Outside NYC Spider-Man Games Should Explore

Spider-Man doesn’t just belong in New York City. Here are some great places that could be the setting for the next Spider-Man game.

Spider-Man is almost as much about New York City as he is about his webbed suit and big white eyes. But for some gamers, bouncing around the same place in almost every game (even if the graphics get better each time) can feel like “been there, done that.” Since Spidey has been putting his sticky foot in other worlds for a while, some fans have been wondering why he hasn’t been given a chance to become an international Spider-Man of mystery.

If Far From Home taught people anything, it was that Spider-Man looks right at home jumping from building to building abroad, and that it would be cool to be able to do the same thing in the next big Spider-Man game, whether you play as Peter Parker, Spider-Gwen, or Miles Morales. The world (and the many worlds of the Spider-Verse) seems to be full of great places for Peter Parker and his friends to swing around, whether it’s part of a world tour or the focus of a high-end game.

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