Stuttering Speech Therapy: Role Of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy In Stopping This Issue

Have you heard about CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) before? This is a psychological treatment that is advised for people who suffer from some particular issues like anxiety attacks, depression, eating disorders, speech disorders, drug abuse, etc. Even the experts who spent enough time  researching this therapy concluded that it has shown a significant improvement in people who used to stutter. So, let’s check out how CBT plays an important role in stopping stuttering speech.

How does the CBT work?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy includes talking to the person directly. When you hire a professional for this task, he or she will start with direct communication because they need to know the level of stuttering. In some cases, the person affected by this issue has a trigger, like being worried or facing any issue that is causing the stuttering. On the other hand, for some people, it’s just a normal thing with their speech, and there is no trigger point. So, for this reason, they need to assess the situation and count all the factors associated with stuttering speech therapy West Covina.

Then, the next thing they do is let the person know everything about stuttering. If the person belongs to the kids’ age group, then it’s important that he knows all the necessary things about this issue because it helps them understand it better. In that way, they do not feel frustrated or agitated when it happens because they know that by doing so, they are not solving the problems. They are going to make it worse. On the other hand, adults and teenagers already have an idea of what it is, so it is easy to clear their doubts and give them an explanation about it.

What does CBT involve? 

The cognitive behavioral technique involves some particular exercises that are good for improving the length of sounds.  People who stutter always find it hard to complete a sound, and when they learn these exercises, it becomes easier for them to improve their speech. However, they have to continue with these exercises because the more they practice, the more they will be able to speak properly. In addition, the CBT also includes relaxation techniques as well as breathing exercises.

The relaxation techniques are for those who go through anxiety attacks, which trigger their stuttering speech. These people are taught some particular relaxation techniques so that they can relax while they feel anxiety, and as soon as they are able to calm themselves, the stuttering will stop. Also, the deep breathing techniques are very helpful in putting a full stop to stuttering issues. With the help of this type of psychotherapy, you can learn to identify and change the kinds of ideas that could exacerbate your stuttering. It can also help you get through stress, concern, or low self-esteem problems brought on by stuttering. If you’re unsure whether you need speech therapy for stuttering near me, a speech-language pathologist can assist you.


Thus, to conclude this post, we can say that speech disruption can be frustrating, and to tackle this problem, it’s better to go with CBT and get the desired results with constant practice. There are several online resources that help these people with the therapy; you just have to find them and call to book a consultation. After a thorough evaluation by a speech-language pathologist, the best treatment plan can be selected. Stuttering can be remedied in both children and adults utilizing a range of techniques. Due to the wide range of personal demands and difficulties, a technique—or a combination of techniques—that works well for one person may not work as well for another.  Another method simulates your speech to give the impression that you are communicating with someone else. While going about their daily lives, some wear little technological devices. Consult a speech-language therapist for guidance on making your choice.

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