The 5 Core Benefits of Task Management Software

For employees operating from clients’ sites or fields, completing their tasks and taking accountability for each of them becomes a tedious task without any transparency between them and their managers. If we see things from the manager’s perspective, they face many situations where employees mark their attendance without even reaching the site or mark their tasks as done. To prevent such fraudulent activities, they need a solution that can offer real-time tracking and a way through which managers can detect these frauds. Here exactly, our saviour Task Management Software comes into the limelight.

In this article, we’ll throw light on its importance, benefits and how it can become a game changer for 

field service companies. Let’s begin.


What is Task Management Software?

Task Management Software is a platform that enables managers to carefully assign, manage, and track tasks for field executives as per their availability. Besides this, it offers them the freedom to easily allocate tasks, edit on the move, track their employees’ lives and analyze their productivity.

Let’s talk about these features in detail in the below section to get more clarity. 


Features of Task Management Software: Ensuring transparency 

Field workforce management becomes a tedious task for managers without any automated solution. They already have hundreds of responsibilities to fulfill and manually keeping tabs on their employees would not always be possible. Even if they do, it will turn out to be a time-consuming process. Here, the below features of Task Management Software, make things simpler. 


  • Easy peasy task allocation 

With the help of task management software, managers can easily assign tasks to field employees by checking how many tasks they already have in the pipeline. In the dashboard, they can add the task, select the employees, mark the type and priority of tasks and even select the deadline. 


  • Make edits on the go

Editing tasks on the move just got more convenient than ever. The software gives the flexibility to the employees to edit and delete tasks. 


  • Geo-verified Tasks

This feature of the software gives managers a sense of peace. They can know whether their employees actually went to the field and completed the task or just marked the task as done. Through verified attendance and tasks, employees can no longer indulge in fraud. 


  • Real-time Checklists

These checklists make it convenient for the managers to know when the task is done. How? Employees can update the status of each task as completed. In case the task is pending or gets cancelled, managers get to know the update about the same by checking the status. 

Now that we are clear on the features, let’s move to the next part of the story, i.e. advantages of Task Management Software.


Top Five Benefits of Task Management Software 

Here are the five most crucial benefits of task management software; 

  • Streamlined Task Scheduling

One of the biggest advantages of Task Management Software is that it streamlines the process of scheduling tasks. As we have already learned above, managers can assign tasks to employees based on their availability. This also helps field employees as they get a clear idea of their tasks and deadlines. 


  • Effortless Communication

Another interesting thing about the software is that it enables effortless communication. How? The in-built chat box allows employees and managers to ask questions, get updates and stay connected on the go. 


  • Performance Analytics

Analyzing the performance of employees increases the room for feedback. With the help of Task Management Software, managers can get insightful analytics into the performance of field employees tracking. This further helps them identify the areas of improvement, make informed decisions and offer proper training and feedback to the employees. 


  • Task updates 

Task Management Software allows managers to real-time task updates. As we have already explained this feature before, it reduces the hassle of manually getting in touch with the field executives and asking for work updates. Everything is crystal clear through the real-time checklists 


  • Data Collection Made Easy 

Summing up the last benefit, Task Management Software makes it easy for managers to collect data about everything; their employees’ attendance, their work updates, and so much more. It ensures that you never miss a beat.


Wrapping it up! 

Task management software tailored for field employees is a game-changer and most importantly, it is here to stay. It simplifies scheduling, enhances communications, and creates transparency between managers and employees by offering valuable insights into employees’ performance, streamlining data collections and simply easing things out. 

So, if you’re a field service management company, the time has come when you need to upgrade your work processes. Start your journey toward increased efficiency today with TrackoField’s user-friendly Task Management Software.

Source: The 5 Core Benefits of Task Management Software

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