The 6 Best JRPGs Rated E For Everyone

When it comes to their Mature 17+ rating, these JRPGs don’t mess around. Here are the best games that use the grade to its fullest.

JRPGs are a rich and varied genre that mostly focuses on classic RPG-style gameplay, like a linear but well-developed and fleshed-out story and good character development through conversation, exposition, and descriptions. This genre has had its ups and downs, but it has always given us games like Xenoblade Chronicles and Persona, which are some of the most famous series in gaming.

Most JRPGs are bright and lively. Most of the time, they tell serious stories about battle, war, and conflict, but they don’t make the games too dark, so people of all ages can play them. The ESRB doesn’t rate most JRPGs as Mature 17+, but there are some famous franchises and individual games that do well with this rating. In fact, some of the best JRPGs of the last few decades have a M grade, and they are listed below.

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