The Ultimate Guide to Choosing A BigCommerce Website Designer

BigCommerce provides a simple solution for start-ups and medium-sized online businesses. It is an open software as a service (SaaS) ecommerce platform hosted on your behalf. This platform offers a lower total ownership cost and faster market time. With its platform-wide APIs, you can customize and integrate the platform to fit your needs. 

If you need a BigCommerce website designer, you likely selected this ecommerce platform for its excellent features, applications, and integrations. To maximize your business growth using these powerful ecommerce tools, it’s important to find the right BigCommerce web design company.

The platform is a trusted ecommerce agency that works closely with top commerce platforms. Therefore, a designer specializes in digital transformation and provides valuable advice on selecting your business’s ideal BigCommerce web design company.  

BigCommerce operates in over 150 countries, allowing you to handle currencies, taxes, and shipments worldwide. You can easily integrate BigCommerce with leading shipping and business systems.

One of its main advantages is adding products, running promotions, and making changes without needing developers or technical experts. And, to fully utilize the functionality of BigCommerce, work with experienced ecommerce professionals who can help you make the most of your ecommerce platform.

Here are Some Ways to Choose a BigCommerce Website Designer – 

One of the main advantages of using BigCommerce is its simplicity. However, hiring a web design company can still be beneficial in terms of time savings and achieving high-quality results. An agency experienced in BigCommerce can effectively utilize the platform to deliver an exceptional user experience (UX) and drive business growth. To ensure you choose the right agency, here are some important factors to consider:

1. Visual design – 

The web design agency should be able to present a portfolio of past BigCommerce projects, demonstrating their understanding of creating unique online stores using the platform.

2. User experience – 

The agency should possess knowledge of the best tools and techniques to enhance user experience and boost conversion rates.

3. Themes – 

BigCommerce offers a wide range of pre-built themes categorized by style and industry. While these themes provide a good starting point, a capable agency should also be able to customize them to fit your specific style and needs.

4. APIs – 

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are crucial in integrating and customizing various aspects of your online store, such as carts, checkouts, and other essential business systems. A professional web design agency should have expertise in utilizing APIs to streamline processes, from product presentation to order management. Finally, they can even separate your site’s presentation layer from other business systems if required.

5. Technical expertise – 

Working with an agency eliminates the need to develop in-house skills. Ensure that their programmers are experienced in PHP (version 5 and higher) and possess complementary databases and third-party integrations knowledge. Therefore, if you are migrating from a different ecommerce platform, check their experience and quality control practices in handling such transitions.

6. Communication – 

Given the close collaboration between you and the web design agency, effective communication is vital. And, technical expertise should not hinder clear and helpful explanations on a day-to-day basis. As the client, you should expect transparency and clarity in communication.

7. Problem-solving – 

Every business is unique and may face unexpected challenges. Also, an experienced web design agency handles and resolves such issues swiftly and effectively, giving you confidence that they will find solutions, no matter the circumstances.

8. Goal setting – 

Ideally, involve the web design agency in the early stages of your project. They can assist in scoping the project and setting realistic and measurable goals. Therefore, they should be willing to provide advice and recommendations based on their expertise.

How do you appoint a BigCommerce website designer? 

Also, consider starting with recommendations from trusted individuals to begin your search. However, a systematic approach will enable you to compare skills and expertise confidently. 

Create a brief – 

Create a concise brief outlining your initial requirements. And, this written document will provide agencies with essential information about your project, such as the necessary ecommerce features and functions and your business goals. Therefore, evaluating how agencies respond to your requirements will give you valuable insights into their approach.

Shortlist Candidates – 

Next, compile a shortlist of potential candidates. And, given the likelihood of receiving numerous responses to your brief, it is advisable to prioritize and narrow down your selection. Finally, consider each agency’s strengths, reviews, and testimonials, and request references for further evaluation.

Set a budget – 

Establishing a budget is crucial as your ecommerce site or re-platforming project represents an investment in your business. And, while it may be necessary to revisit your budget once you have chosen a web development agency, setting an initial budget that encompasses the platform, implementation, training, and maintenance is prudent.

Compare the business value – 

Furthermore, comparing the business values of the agencies you are considering is essential. And, you will be relying on your chosen agency, working with individuals you trust is important. Therefore, one should arrange meetings with the shortlisted candidates to assess how well they align with your business before making a final decision.

Conclusion – 

Choosing the right BigCommerce website designer is a crucial step in ensuring the success of your online business. Following the ultimate guide, you have learned the key factors to consider when selecting a designer.

And, it is essential to evaluate your specific needs and goals and to communicate effectively with potential designers to ensure they understand your vision. BigCommerce migration services can also streamline the process and ensure a smooth transition to your new website. Therefore, by investing time and effort into finding the perfect designer, you can create a visually appealing and functional website that will attract customers, enhance user experience, and drive sales for your business.

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