Top 5 High Point Seafood Restaurants

When you plan a night out with friends or family all you want is, for it to go perfectly down to the tiniest detail. No one wants to put in all their effort in one night, just for it to end with the worst food experience ever. And it gets even trickier when you are looking for a good seafood restaurant. The thing about seafood is, that it is very delicate and a technical dish to prepare. If one thing goes wrong you end up getting a bad taste. Therefore, it’s only the professionals that can get this right.

All being said, you can decide which restaurant is good and which is not. We have got you covered. Down below you will find a well-thought-out and curated list of the best seafood boil to try in High Point. All you have to do now is believe in us to get you to the best restaurants out there and enjoy them to your fullest. So, why wait? Let’s get going!

1. Red Crab

The restaurant that tops our list is Red Crab. It is practically the best seafood near-me restaurant in High Point. They offer the freshest and most delicious seafood on the Cajun seafood menu. Red Crab serves high-quality Louisiana-style seafood. They have the best seafood boil Greensboro NC. You will find the most delicious and tantalizing sauces at this restaurant that complement your food perfectly. They are famous for their Cajun seafood boil in Greensboro NC. Take our word for it, the first bite of Cajun seafood boil will get your taste buds begging for more! Once you try this seafood boil restaurant Greensboro NC, you will understand that they have the best quality food. And that there is no comparison of their food to others!

In addition to great food, the restaurant offers a pleasant ambiance, which is good to celebrate any occasion. The staff is welcoming and friendly. Moreover, they serve dishes at reasonable prices. So you can get great food in good portions, without it getting too heavy on your pocket!

So what is the wait for? Take our word for it and try out Red Crab Seafood Restaurant in Greensboro NC and High Point now. Trust us you will definitely end up falling in love! It is without a doubt one of the best seafood places to try in the area!

2. Harbor One

The second restaurant to make it to our list is Harbor One. It is a small and unpretentious little place. You will find their menu to be equally as limited. But do not think that this little menu cannot do wonders. They have an arrangement of some of the most amazing dishes on their menu. For their weekend menu, they mostly serve the food staples such as smoked ribs, yams, and mac and cheese. While on the weekdays, they mostly offer their seafood platters, fried fish, sandwiches, and a few other yummy items.

Their most famous seafood platter definitely lives up to the promise. It is absolutely delicious and very filling. Moreover, you will get good quality and quantity of food at the right prices. They are really worth the price! Not only this, the ambiance is very cozy and hospitable. In addition to that, the owner of the place is really friendly and welcoming. So if you are looking for a laid-back delicious meal then Harbor One is the place to go!

3. The Full Moon Oyster Bar – Jamestown

To make it to our top 3 is another one of the great restaurants that you will find at High Point, it’s the Full Moon Oyster Bar. Their menu is really inviting and keep in mind you cannot stop after you have been there once. It is one of those places you can’t get enough of. It will make you crave their food day and night! So, check the load your pocket can take before visiting!

It’s a nice restaurant with an amazing ambiance. And what’s better than enjoying seafood right by the beach? Trust me nothing is. You will have the most wonderful experience of having seafood by the sea! The staff is very welcoming; once you are seated, you can expect to be treated with friendly faces. They are timely servers, and you would not have to wait forever to get your food.

Just as their name suggests, they make the best oysters in town. Therefore, if you are an oyster lover then Monday is your day! As that day is the oyster’s special. Another delicious thing you will find on their menu is their most famous Shrimp Po. The flavors that it leaves on your taste buds are phenomenal! Not only this, it is served with the side of your choice, so that is one dish you cannot go wrong with. If you ever get to visit this place is the highlight of Jamestown.

4. Blue Water Grille

Blue Water Grille is another one of the great restaurants that you will find in High Point. It is famous for its most spectacular crab bisque and potstickers. You can also find some amazing entrees at this restaurant which includes, their famous mahi-mahi and halibut. You won’t find fish that good anywhere else.

If you are looking to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries then this is just the restaurant you should be going to. They offer decoration services and would set up a really good table for you upon request. The staff is also very well-trained and super welcoming. You won’t have to wait too long for their service. They are timely and very cooperative.

Not only this, they are really good with their desserts too! So it’s not just the seafood to enjoy, rather you will get the entire package with this restaurant! Moreover, it is very budget-friendly so you do not have to worry about spending heaps of money to get good-quality and amazing food. You can also pick this restaurant if you want to take out your date for a wonderful seafood experience!

5. Skipper’s Seafood

If you are looking for a cozy little shack, with great seafood at low prices, then look no more, as Skipper’s Seafood is your place. It is a quaint little place with nice décor and not much crowd. But do not go with just the look of it, because this place has some of the most delicious seafood dishes to try in town. Their most famous is the trout with popcorn shrimp. Once you have that fish, it’s a guarantee you will like no other! It is the best trout one could have. Other than that they have the best seafood platters. They are filling, cooked to perfection, and absolutely delicious. To top it all off, it won’t be heavy in your pocket. Their staff is super friendly and welcoming too, which makes you feel at ease when having your food.

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