Universal Tips to Fix Wireless-N Repeater Not Turning On Issue

A Wireless-N WiFi repeater needs to be configured in case you want to take advantage of the features that it provides. The very first step to perform WiFi repeater setup is to turn it on. However, if that is exactly what you are finding difficult to do, then it is recommended that you walk through the troubleshooting tips mentioned in this article.

Prior to reading the tips highlighted further, try to restart your networking device. The same can be done with you powering off the repeater, disconnecting it from its wall socket, waiting for some time, and plugging it back into its wall socket. At last, press the power button located on the repeater to turn it on.

Now, check if you are able to get rid of the Wireless-N WiFi repeater not turning on issue. In case, it persists, then following through the rest of the solutions given in this post will be great. With that said, continue reading.

How to Turn On Wireless-N WiFi Repeater Hassle-Free?

  1. Check the Electrical Outlet

The most obvious factor why you are unable to make the most of your networking device and are experiencing the Wireless-N WiFi repeater not turning on issue is because your electrical outlet is not okay, as in it is damaged. To get the issue at hand fixed, you should either call up an electrician to repair the existing socket or plug your networking device into another wall socket. This might help you out. In case it does not, continue reading.

Important Note: Make sure that the wall socket to which you are connecting your device is located in the same room where the host router is kept.

  1. Purchase a New Power Cable

Another reason why you are in this mess is that you have used a worn-out power cable for the connection between the repeater and the wall socket. In this case, why don’t you use the electrical tape and wrap it over the cable? Did it help? If the answer is no, then purchasing a new power cable should be put into action. In case, this does not help you, then you should purchase a new cable and ensure that it is working.

Important Note: This hack is only applicable to you if you are using one of the older models of Wireless-N. The new ones have an adapter built in them.

  1. Reset the Networking Device

Restoring the networking device is the last option to resolve the Wireless-N WiFi repeater not turning on issue. Considering you are reading this solution, it is obvious that you are still facing it. So, reset the device and then set it up from scratch. In order to execute the Wireless-N WiFi repeater setup process, you can either use the WPS aka WiFi Protected Setup method, or the manual aka web browser method.

Important Note: In case you are not certain about the steps to go about the setup process, then you may refer to the information given in the user manual.

Summing Up

A damaged wall socket, worn out power cable, hardware damage, damaged extender, and technical glitches are some of the reasons why one may experience the Wireless-N WiFi repeater not turning on issue. We anticipate that with the aid of the troubleshooting tips mentioned over, you’ll be suitable to turn on your networking device with ease.

By any chance, in case you’re still facing it, also you ought to step out of your house and go to the same place from where you brought the repeater and get it checked. Chances are that it needs to be replaced. For your information, your device can be replaced if it’s under warranty. Else, you’ll have to buy a new repeater.

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