Well, by now, every company knows that having an impressive website design in Australia is very crucial. After all, the level of a business’s online presence can break or make it. However, there is an important thing that you need to know. The success of a website will greatly depend on the design.

You might be thinking how? Well, different studies have proved that the design of your website can affect lead generation, conversion, and customer experience. So, it is advisable to hire a professional digital marketing agency to create a website with a good design. Now, let’s talk about this in detail.

Why the design of the website matter?

Whether consciously or unconsciously, people always react to visuals, and they generally get attracted to a good design. On the other hand, the visitors will judge the business considering the visual. Some studies have proved that more than 70 percent of visitors judge the credibility of a company considering the visual design. Furthermore, more than 90 percent users’ first impression is based on website’s design. Around 30 percent of people stop visiting a website if they found the layout and content unattractive.

Benefits of using a good web design

1. Better usability

Remember that the design of the website can have a great impact on how easy it will be for the users to find the information they are looking for. Some studies show, around 52 percent of people visit the about us page, 86 percent of visitors check the product page, and 65 percent of them go to the contact page.

With a good design, you can make these important things easy to access.  You can put your services in the main navigation and add a contact number in the upper left corner of the site. Well, you can take the help of professional Australian SEO services to know more about this.

2. Smooth or user-friendly navigation

Navigation is a crucial element of every website design. For this, many designers follow Hick’s Law. It says when you give more options, people will take more time to decide. So, you should always keep things simple. While creating a design, you need to keep the choices simple so that the visitors can explore the site comfortably and quickly. As per the experts, keep the number of options under seven.

3. It develops trust and demonstrates brand professionalism

Some users can judge the brand’s credibility based on the design of the website. A professional and modern-looking design will develop trust. On the other hand, if the site has a poor design, it will make the visitors doubt the brand’s legitimacy. As it is crucial to develop trust with the visitors so that they can revisit your site, a good design is a must. The more time they stay on the site, the more opportunities you will get to increase your sales.

4. Design is a crucial part of SEO

Don’t think that a good website design is not just about arranging the visual elements. The design also plays a great role in SEO. Your website design might look good on the outside. However, the use of large-sized images, multiple coding, etc., can slow down your site. This will increase the bounce rate, negatively affecting SEO advertising in Adelaide. So, make sure the design looks sophisticated and there is a perfect balance between different elements.

5. It creates a better level of consistency

A great web design is important as it creates a perfect level of consistency across the pages. There should be the same layouts, styles, and fonts across all the pages. As a result, your site will look professional.

So, hire a reputed digital marketing agency now and get ready to create a perfect design for your website that can help you establish a solid online presence.

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